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2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT pro)

Tiger 1200




The unique, lightweight, new 1160cc T-Plane triple engine was optimized for capability, character, and performance.


2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT explorer


The signature 1,3,2 firing order is the result of years of development to create the best of both worlds: all the benefits of a twin-cylinder engine at low revs, with all the rich character and performance of a triple higher up.

Tractable and torquey low in the rev range, the power delivery gives the precise throttle control needed in technical terrain and the traction for slippery off-road situations. As the power builds through the punchy mid-range, the familiar feel of a triple becomes even more apparent all the way to the top-end, with an even more responsive and exciting feel. Peak power output is 147HP, 8HP more than the previous generation, and more than its closest shaft driven competitor.



Characterful, with an extremely addictive soundtrack, this all-new large-capacity triple is the perfect, no compromise, adventure motorcycle engine.




Rich and full of character — the revised firing order delivers a distinctive triple bark.

Sound from: The Official Triumph Tiger 1200 Engine
Turn up the volume and press the button Turn up the volume and press the button
Start Stop
Start Stop
Turn up the volume and press the button Turn up the volume and press the button

Triumph Tiger 1200: the world-beating all-roads adventure bike, perfected by you…

Triumph Tiger 120 rally pro configurator




Tiger 1200

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