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2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 rally explorer)

Tiger 1200




Whichever Tiger 1200 you choose, the latest rider-focused technology comes as standard, above and beyond the usual tech checklist. But you can take your adventure even further, with a number of ride-enhancing products designed exclusively for your Triumph.

For rides into the deepest and darkest depths of beyond, the Auxiliary light kit will illuminate the shadiest of forests while adding a touch of rugged overland style. Compact and lightweight, and with a tall, broad beam of light, these are easy to fit, even without the engine bar kits.



2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally explorer)



The Tiger 1200’s refined, tractable triple engine is even smoother with the Shift Assist option. Clutchless up and down shifts deliver seamless acceleration and pillion-pleasing deceleration with composed corner entry.

Triumph’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) has been lauded by owners of every genre of Triumph for some time now. Added safety with the convenience of one less pre-ride check, you’ll never get caught out by a slow puncture making itself known at the next corner or suffer the fumbling aggravation of a sub-zero tire pressure check with frozen digits.



2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 TFT screen)



TIGER 1200

Triumph Tiger 1200: the world-beating all-roads adventure bike, perfected by you…

Triumph Tiger 120 rally pro configurator




Tiger 1200

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